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pressure cleaning

Pressure Wash Your Building and Grounds

Take a good hard look around the exterior of your building, through the eyes of a prospect, job candidate or potential partner. What do you see – asphalt debris? Old gum stuck to the sidewalk? Stained concrete? Dingy or moldy siding? All these, and other signs of age and lack of proper maintenance, can leave a negative impression about your business. Can you afford that?

What you can afford is to have your property pressure washed on a regular basis. Pressure washing uses a high-powered focused spray to clean dirt, stains and debris from concrete and asphalt driveways and walkways, dirt and mold from roofs, and airborne sediment from the exteriors of buildings, whether they’re brick, stucco, stone, painted material, siding or other surface.

Here are some of the most important benefits of having your facility pressure washed by a professional maintenance team:

1. Pressure Washing Enhances Your Image

A clean, freshened facade and neat, debris-free walkways and driveway create positive first impressions about your business. Well-maintained buildings say the business cares about quality, is focused on detail, and that its people eagerly welcome visitors.

2. Pressure Washing Helps Extend the Life of Your Building

Dirt and grime that are present in our air (often the result of car and facility exhaust) stick to buildings – their facades and roofs – and significantly contribute to the erosion over time. Keeping these areas free from the abrasive effects of air pollution reduces the amount of “wear and tear” on these surfaces, so you won’t have to replace them as often as you would without proper cleaning.

3. Pressure Washing Reduces the Likelihood of Illness

Mold and mildew that are present on buildings and roofs have the potential to affect the health of everyone in your building. Unabated, mold and mildew can get into your air system and lead to respiratory illnesses – which then lead to increased sick days and reduced productivity. A quick power washing of your roof and the areas around your HVAC systems can eliminate the possibility of mold-related illness and keep your people at peak performance.

Pressure washing is an investment that pays off with a spotless image and a healthy workforce. The trained technicians at Wizards of Clean use only high-powered commercial-grade equipment to clean the different areas of your facility, from top to bottom, with extra care to avoid damaging or harming the landscaping that surrounds your building. We’ll be happy to visit your facility and talk about your needs and determine a schedule of regular cleaning that makes the most sense.

wall cleaning

How Clean are the Walls of Your Business?

When it comes to facility cleaning, we all know the basics: you’ve got to clean the floors, windows, furniture, fixtures, restrooms, break rooms…but what about your walls? Didn’t even think about those, did you?

But you should. All walls hold onto dust and grime and will appear dingy over time. Walls, even those that appear smooth, have a texture, and that texture grabs and holds onto dirt, especially in buildings where there’s manufacturing going on inside or even nearby.

Here are a few reasons you should ask your janitorial service to give some attention to your walls at least once a year:

1. Wall washing will improve the appearance of your facility. The first things you see when you walk into a building are the front door, the overall condition of the lobby, and the walls. Walls that are dirty (or worse, walls that show damage) detract from everything else that’s “right” about this important first impression.

2. A regular program of wall washing will improve the health / sanitation in your facility. Dirty and oils from hands, environmental pollutants, bacteria, dead microorganisms, smoke, dust from HVAC systems…these all stick to walls and erode the quality of the air you breathe. A sticky film quickly develops and worsens over time – something a professional wash with the proper cleansers will eliminate.

3. Wall washing will keep your facility bright. Most facilities leverage reflected light to help create an airy feel throughout, to enhance safety, and to reduce the need for lighting. Unwashed walls will eventually absorb dirt and keep light from reflecting off of it, resulting in a dim, drab atmosphere.

4. Consistent wall cleaning maintains the life expectancy of paint and wallpaper. By removing all that dirt, dust and grime, you help maintain the integrity of the paint or wallpaper that’s on your walls. Chances are, you won’t have to repaint as often, and the paint you do put on will stick better when surfaces are free of contaminants.

Try this trick: dampen some paper toweling and run it across large sections of a wall, making sure to get high on the wall and low. Now take a look – do you see all that dust and dirt?

Using special equipment and gentle cleansers, a qualified janitorial service can improve the look of your walls, the quality of the air, and the life expectancy of your wall coverings. We recommend a professional wall cleaning at least once each year, or more frequently if your company experiences a high level of buildup.

Post-Construction Cleanup for Your New Building

Your new building or remodeling is finally complete, after months and months of planning and construction. So you’re all ready to move in, right?

Not so fast! Good contractors clean up their supplies and tools, dispose of the trash and remnants of their materials and get your new space to a point where it’s considered “move-in ready.” But that doesn’t mean it’s ready for people to sit down and work. You need one last thing before opening the doors: a post-construction cleanup.

When a construction team leaves a site they also leave behind things not always noticeable (but sometimes very noticeable), like dust, grit, wood particles, window film and other dirt that needs to be cleaned before you invite employees into the space.

Giving your new area a thorough once-over will not only make everything clean, but it will make employees feel even better about their new digs. When Wizards of Clean performs a post-construction cleanup, we take care of these and other areas, some of which you might not expect to gather dust and grime (but that certainly do!):

  • Inside cabinets and desks. Much of the drywall dust and sawdust will end up in these spots, so we vacuum or wipe until it’s gone
  • Ceiling tiles, vent covers and exposed pipes. Another spot where dust lands and recirculates through the air – not ideal, especially for people with allergies or respiratory problems
  • Furniture surfaces, frames and padding. New or old, your furniture will attract and hold dust and grime, particularly the padding. We wipe and/or vacuum ‘til it shines! Some of these items will have adhesive labels affixed to them, and a good post-construction cleanup will involve using the right products to remove them safely
  • Light fixtures. Ceiling fixtures and desk lamps both attract dust, which can reduce the efficiency of the bulbs. We use the right techniques to remove anything left behind by the contractor
  • Carpet and flooring. This is usually the last spot we clean when we do post-construction cleanups because it’s the dirtiest by far! All the traffic, dust and dirt lands here, so we take special care to get them in top shape
  • Stairwells. Railings and steps tend to get lots of use even during construction, so we get every nook and cranny prior to you occupying the building
  • Elevators, interior and exterior. This over over-looked spot gets plenty of foot traffic and fingerprints, so we wipe it all down until it’s sparkling clean
  • Walls. Believe it or not, walls hold on to dust, and certain wall textures hold on to it better than others. We’ll wipe or dust the walls to remove any drywall dust that’s hanging on
  • Windows. Windows grab on to particles in the air and will eventually look filmy. We focus on the window itself and the sills and tracks, where the “real” dirt is

Post-construction cleaning leaves a place smelling fresh, looking “shiny new,” and prevents all of that dust and grime from dulling the finishes and eroding the appearance of your new space. If you’re in the process of remodeling or building a new facility, don’t forget the critical last step of getting it cleaned and ready for work!

window cleaning

Leave Your Summer Window Cleaning to the Pros

There’s nothing better than a warm, sunny summer day. That is until the sunlight illuminates all the smudges, marks, and grime on your windows, and you’re reminded that you have some serious cleaning to do. If you’re at home, you might save it for your Saturday morning chores, but at work, the longer you let your windows stay dirty and smudged, the worse it’s going to reflect on your business’ reputation and employee morale.

If you’re thinking about a doing a thorough cleaning of your business’ windows this summer, there are several reasons why commercial cleaning specialists are the best option. In fact, here are four reasons why you should call the window cleaning pros at Wizards of Clean:

1. Safety

Depending on the height of your business’ windows, cleaning them could present a pretty serious safety hazard. Rather than carrying a bunch of cleaning gear up a rickety ladder, or having one of your employees to do it, a window cleaning specialist will have all the necessary safety gear and harnesses to safely clean any high-level windows.

2. Cleaning Quality

In addition to having all the proper safety gear to do the job right, commercial window cleaning services also have the best window cleaning equipment and solutions to use on your glass. They use more than just paper towels and Windex; the pros will use a commercial-quality cleaner that can actually protect your glass from damage.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

While you might think it’s cheaper to just clean your windows yourself, a lot of businesses don’t take into consideration the hidden costs of doing it on their own. For one, you have to buy cleaning equipment and cleaning solution, and maybe even some ladders. Second, if you’re using employees to do it, the time spent cleaning windows is time lost at their real position (and the same goes for yourself). When it’s all said and done, the cost of hiring a commercial cleaning service is usually pretty comparable to doing it yourself.

4. Convenience

This might sound like a no-brainer, but one of the best parts of hiring a Toronto Cleaning Services are that you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. You stay focused on your job, don’t have to worry about cleaning supplies, and they’ll come in whenever works best for you and take care of everything. Whether it’s during the workday, or while your employees are away, cleaners will work out a schedule that makes things easiest for you.

summer cleaning

Is Your Business Ready for Summer?

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to make sure everything in your business is looking its best. As everything outside starts to come back to life, this is the perfect opportunity to revitalize your workspace and do some spring cleaning.

If you neglected any cleaning duties over the winter, now is the time to take care of those tedious jobs you dread and get them out of the way. A clean workspace will make you more efficient, maintain your business’ professional appearance, and provide a boost to your employee’s morale, so make sure your business is ready for summer with these 7 cleaning tasks:

Carpet Cleaning

After a long winter of your employees and customers tracking in snow from outside, there’s a good chance your carpets absorbed most of the snowmelt and all the dirt, salt, and moisture that comes with it. This can make for some pretty dingy carpets and unattractive stains, but you can prevent long-term damage by giving your carpets a thorough deep cleaning.

Fully Clean Employee Work Areas

While you might clear your workspace of clutter from time to time, when was the last time you cleared everything out, dusted everything off, and wiped it all down with disinfectant? If it’s been a while, leave some disinfectant wipes out for your employees and give them a little time to really clean their area.

Organize Supply Closet

If your supply closet or inventory is looking jumbled and untidy, spring cleaning time is the perfect chance to organize everything and order any supplies you’re low on. Likewise, you should also make sure all your winter accessories (e.g., shovels, extra floor mats, rock salt, etc.) are stored away for next winter.


Be honest: it’s been a while since you’ve taken a duster up in the corner of your ceilings and other hard-to-reach or out-of-sight areas. If this is the case, make sure you take a few minutes from your spring cleaning schedule to clear those cobwebs and dust.


Feeling like your business could use some landscaping to enhance your appearance? Spring is the time of year to plant any seeds and get the outside of your business ready for summer.

HVAC Cleaning and Air Conditioning Check 

With it being the heart of allergy season right now, there’s no better time to schedule a cleaning of your HVAC system to remove all the dust, dander, and everything else that’s piled up in your ventilation system. Not only does it affect your indoor air quality, but it can also make your heating and cooling less efficient. While you’re at it, also make sure that your air conditioner is running smoothly so you don’t have any problems once it really gets hot outside.

Window Washing

Washing your windows is one of those tasks many people neglect during the winter, even if it’s only cleaning the inside. Before summer starts—and the sunlight highlights all the smudges and marks on your window—make sure you clean the inside and outside of your windows.

Don’t have the time or energy to take care of these tasks yourself? At Wizards Of Clean, we’ve been doing all of these things for more than 60 years, and have the equipment and expertise to get them all done quickly and properly. Whether you just need a one-time spring cleaning or you’d like to arrange a regular cleaning schedule, we’re ready to tackle any job you put us up to and won’t make you break the bank to do it.

How clean is your office? When you look around you probably see garbage cans are emptied, desktops are free of dust, carpets have been vacuumed and entryways sparkling clean. But what about the things you can’t see?

While cleanliness and a tidy appearance are absolutely critical for positive first impressions and general employee morale, there are some hidden health dangers lurking in employees’ personal workspaces that are often overlooked—dangers that could be costing you in terms of lost productivity.

Germs can’t be seen, but they certainly can be felt. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), illnesses like the flu spread from person to person when droplets from a cough or sneeze of an infected person move through the air and get into the mouths or noses of people nearby. The germs in these droplets also live on surfaces, such as desks or doorknobs, for two hours or longer and can spread when people touch these surfaces and then touch their eyes, mouth and nose. This happens so suddenly that one sick employee turns into four or five or more sick employees!

Here are just a few of the spaces your employees should be aware of and clean regularly with a disinfecting wipe in order to avoid illness and absenteeism:

  • Phones
    Phones are teeming with germs and bacteria and, because they’re held so close to one’s mouth, are quickly transferred onto the surface where they can infect another user. The entire handset should be cleaned, not just the mouthpiece.
  • Keyboards
    Keyboards are notorious not only for a repository for food debris but for germs. The best way to rid a keyboard of its power to get someone sick is to unplug it, tap it gently to remove any food particles, then wipe gently with an appropriate cleaner, making sure not to dry thoroughly.
  • Desktops
    Desktops are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs from hands and food, as well as from documents that have been circulating around the office. A quick cleaning once a week will keep the risk of illness at bay.
  • Chair Arms
    Most people don’t consider the arms of their chairs, but think about how often your hands touch these surfaces. When wiping their desktops, employees should get the arms of their chairs, too.

The cost of illness is significant in today’s workplace. The Harvard Business Review estimates that worker illness costs employers between $150 billion and $250 billion every year! If your business is suffering a loss of productivity due to illness, take a few minutes to remind your people to disinfect their workspaces, especially during cold and flu season, and make the appropriate cleaning products readily available so they can do so. It’s also a good idea to post reminders to wash hands frequently during the day as an added preventive measure.

Want to learn more about the ways we help customers avoid lost productivity due to illness? We’d be happy to walk through your facility and point out the areas that might be getting missed by your current maintenance team.

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