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How Cleaning Services Can Boost Your Business


The word “clean” isn’t usually a word often tied to a business’ success, but if you look at how cleanliness can speak: It expresses trust, service, and reliability. It conveys to consumers that you pay attention to the details. At Wizards of Clean, our team lives and breaths clean because it’s what’s most visible to a customer when walking into any establishment.
A clean office, a clean commercial facility, a clean storefront — all these allow people to have confidence in the care that is put into taking care of their belongings, all of which goes a long way when building a customer base.

Cleanliness doesn’t stop at just impacting a customer’s perception of a business, it also has a direct impact on the entire business as a whole. Getting your office or commercial facility cleaned can help improve productivity, advance efficiency and increase morale. It improves productivity because it can be weakened when dirt and clutter spreads and distracts employees from remaining focused. Concentration can be difficult when the environment has visible clutter. With cleanliness, efficiency can also be improved as it won’t be disrupted when certain things are out of place. The whole company can end up missing the structure it needs to keep a smooth running operation. Furthermore, employee’s morale can be increased with something as simple as cleanliness. Some can interpret that mess reflects poorly on appreciation and effort, making it hard for employees to take pride in their job. Ensuring a tidy workplace can help employees feel good in their setting by having them appreciate being there, especially since most find that workspaces are considered their second home.

At Wizards of Clean we have built our foundation of success with cleanliness by making it our top priority. Not just for ourselves, but as part of the office and commercial cleaning services we provide. Customers will appreciate the attention to detail and employees will become more productive. It has made a difference within for our organization and we believe it can help bring a positive change for you too!

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A Clean Workspace Means a Safe Workspace

A clean workplace is more than just having a shiny, fresh standing building.
A clean workplace allows you to focus more clearly, but not only that, it can also help ensure the safety and health your employees and any visitors you have as well – especially since a lot of dirt can continue to go unseen and builds up. Keeping that in mind, it would appear crucial to apply a high-quality cleaning system to ensure that each part of your office is regularly cleaned.

It is a mistake when building owners or managers view commercial cleaning as just an added cost because there are a lot of hidden benefits. Commercial cleaning should instead be considered as an investment in a sense that a clean environment can actually end up paying for itself in the long run. For example, when germs and bacteria continue to build and go unnoticed it has a direct impact on an employee’s health. A clean workspace can help reduce worker sick days where the costs of having to pay for temps or even overtime can be cut down. Another example includes business’ properties and belongings, where a regular cleaning program can help to preserve and protect any material assets like carpets, floors, and equipment. It will prevent unnecessary wear and tear allowing the lifespan to extend. Having to renovate and replace can become very costly, by not having to do this from up keeping, it instead can ultimately cut cost drastically. Not only does having a clean space reduces costs, but it can also be an exceptional marketing tool as it can impress clients, attract prospective lease renters or buyers when put into the market, while also creating a welcoming atmosphere — which also subconsciously encourages effort and hard work.

To sum it up, cleaning plays such a fundamental role for health and productivity by supporting attendance, efficiency and customer satisfaction. By linking how cleaning plays a fundamental role with costs and spending within an organization, the option of cutting cleaning budgets or always looking to choose the lowest alternative will become harder and the value of cleaning will be better understood.

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Janitorial Services

Get Your First Month of Commercial Cleaning Services for FREE!

For over 20 years Wizards of Clean Services has been taking pride in serving clients just like you, so that you can take pride in the appearance of your premises. We understand that a clean work place enhances not only your reputation but the productivity of your staff as well.

All aspects of janitorial services are provided and the size of our contracts range from small 1-day-per week contracts to large office buildings and industrial complexes.

To add to the professional appearance of your premises all our staff are uniformed, English-speaking and trained by the highest standards. Frequent inspections are performed to ensure the quality of the job. Housekeeping reports and surveys are passed out on a regular basis to help us determine if you are satisfied with our performance. Our references speak for themselves and we encourage you to call them.

Our commitment is to provide a high standard of cleanliness to every contract that has been entrusted to us in order to retain our stellar reputation.

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Sweeten Up Your Cleaning Routine

A clean office leads to a happier, more productive and healthier work environment. Hire Wizards Of Clean Services as your Office Cleaning Company and make your office spotless. Wizards Of Clean Services has been maintaining office properties in the Toronto area for over 40 years and is one of the only cleaning companies to offer a service guarantee.

Unlike some of those fly-by-nights, craigslist cleaning companies, Wizards Of Clean Services employs a highly trained crew of uniformed professionals that you can trust around your computers and confidential documents. Our staffs are some of the best in the business, with a high attention to detail and a rigorous cleaning regiment, that leaves your office sparkling every time.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and that is why every building we clean receives regular visits from a supervisor, that gives an evaluation and custom housekeeping reports.

Wizards Of Clean Services offers a wide range of office cleaning packages with services including carpet cleaning, window washing, garbage removal, detailed lunch room and kitchen cleaning, bathroom scrubbing, dusting, janitorial services and more. Whether you are looking for a team of night time commercial cleaners or a day porter, Wizards Of Clean Services is here to eliminate cleaning concerns before they get noticed.

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Green Cleaning

Wizards of Clean Services is committed to cleaning with non-toxic, environmentally-conscious products that are both safe for the ecosystem and human health.

Protect the environment and your health with green cleaning solutions

Traditional cleaning products are major contributors to indoor air pollution. This is because many of these products contain toxic chemicals that are high in volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Eliminating harmful cleaning chemicals from your environment can help minimize adverse effects to your health and increase productivity in the workspace, including fewer sick-days.

Wizards of Clean’s eco-friendly cleaning solutions are not only safe for your staff, but they actually clean better than harsh chemical cleaners!

Health Implications of Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Studies have shown that some commonly used cleaning products have serious adverse effects on the health of building occupants, cleaning staff and the environment. The EPA believes that levels of indoor pollution can be 2-5 times and sometimes up to 100 times higher than pollutions in the outdoor air.

Implications from the exposure to hazardous emissions to humans include:

  • headaches
  • nausea
  • chronic coughing
  • chest pain
  • eye irritation
  • vomiting, cramps and diarrhea

Other long-term effects include liver and kidney failure, birth defects, brain damage and various forms of cancer.

Environmental Implications of Harsh
Cleaning Chemicals

In addition to human health implications, harsh chemicals can have detrimental effects on the natural environment. Of the 70,000 plus chemicals that are used today, less than 2% have been properly tested for their effects on land and aquatic ecosystems and human health. Some examples of the negative effects on the environment include:

  • smog
  • the inhibition of plant growth
  • endocrine disruption in fish, birds and mammals, and
  • algae blooms that kill aquatic life forms

Green Cleaning Products and Green Cleaning Methods

Wizards of Clean Services uses a selection of Green Seal certified products that are free of hazardous solvents and polystyrene – a synthetic polymer that doesn’t biodegrade in the environment for hundreds of years.

We also implement a LEED cleaning program with strict cleaning protocols designed to reduce the environmental footprint of buildings and facilities, as well as insuring a safe and healthy indoor environment. For more information on the LEED cleaning program, please refer to:
Green Cleaning and LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance.

commercial office cleaning

How to Keep Your Office Clean Throughout Winter

When the winter weather outside is frightful, it can take a little extra effort to keep the office clean. There are the obvious things – like tracked-in slush and grime-streaked windows – but the re-circulated stale air and cold-and-flu-season germs trapped in a workspace that’s closed up tight against winter’s chill bring challenges all their own. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that a quality commercial cleaning and maintenance provider can help by:

1. Keeping Entryways Slip-free

A regular rotation of heavy-duty entryway rugs and mats capture most of the inevitable snow, slush and ice that get tracked into your office. That means no wet floors that invite accidental slips and falls, and no excess moisture trapped in carpeting that could lead to mold issues.

2. Frequently Dusting and Mopping

Controlling the pollutants in the air is key in keeping an office environment healthy in winter. Regular dusting of furniture, equipment countertops and door jambs will not only keep the office fresh, it knocks dust particles and other impurities to the floor where they can be mopped or vacuumed up and removed from circulation.

3. Shining Up the Windows

Windows are often overlooked in winter, but regularly removing accumulated grime has multiple benefits. Sunlight aids in keeping indoor air clean and dry, absorbing excess moisture on floors and in carpeting before it becomes a slip-and-fall or mold hazard. Plus, having natural light streaming through clean panes lifts employees’ moods during the cold and sometimes bleak weather.

4. Attending to the HVAC System

Ventilation systems can trap and recirculate airborne pathogens, compromising indoor air quality and office health. Annual duct cleaning, replacing filters and having the HVAC system checked for broken parts or inefficient operation greatly reduces the spread of germs and bacteria.

5. Disinfecting Shared Spaces

Using non-toxic cleaning products and disinfectants to wipe down door handles, conference tables and chairs, workstations and other shared spaces on a daily basis keeps bacteria at bay, especially when combined with healthy employee behaviors like consistently cleaning their computer keyboards and washing their hands throughout the day.

There’s no stopping winter’s arrival, but you can control how it impacts your office. We’d be happy to schedule a facility walk-through to identify ways the Wizards of Clean team can keep your facility in top condition this winter and all year long.

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The Importance of Keeping Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Clean

Unlike floors and walls, little attention is paid to ceilings in an office environment. The truth is that dirty, dingy and stained acoustic tiles detract from the appearance of any space, but there’s more to it than aesthetics. Clean ceiling tiles generally last longer, promote healthier air circulation and quality, and better act as a sound buffer and fire retardant.

Generally speaking, ceiling tiles should be cleaned every two to five years and the cleaning is best handled by a quality commercial cleaning and maintenance provider that can efficiently:

  • Brush or Vacuum Tiles

    Dust and surface dirt that accumulates on tiles can usually be removed with regular sweeping or vacuuming. Since some debris will scatter, maintenance providers will generally cover furnishings as part of the service.

  • Apply Enzymatic Cleaners

    In some environments like kitchens, grime and smoke build-up on tiles require removal with an enzyme detergent containing hydrogen peroxide. While it sounds similar to products found on the shelf at any store, this cleaning agent is available only to maintenance professionals and formulated to protect ceiling tile integrity.

  • Safety Cover Small Stains

    Stains are unsightly and sometimes uncleanable;  however, provided the stains are small enough, you don’t have to rush into an expensive tile replacement. Painting isn’t the answer since using typical interior paint could fill tile fissures and jeopardize acoustically and fire ratings. Cleaning Service Toronto providers are experienced in selecting and applying products specially made to cover up stains without affecting title performance.

  • Clean Ventilation Systems

    HVAC systems can trap dust particles and generate static electricity that causes them to cling to ceiling tiles. Having professionals conduct annual duct cleaning, replace filters regularly and check the system for broken parts or inefficient operation will keep the indoor air—and your ceiling—cleaner.

Are your ceiling tiles looking and performing at their best? We’d be happy to schedule a visit to discuss ways the Wizards of Clean team can keep your facility clean from top to bottom

carpet cleaning

How to Maintain and Protect Commercial Carpet in Winter

Salt trucks have been out in force this winter, and facility managers at businesses have been trying to keep up with one ice storm after another by applying sand, rock salt, and other chemicals to their parking lots, sidewalks, and entryways.

Employees and visitors trek through the slush on their way into the building and unknowingly bring all those elements along for the ride. That is, until the residue dries and leaves a path of crusty white stains and blemished carpets. Left untreated, the damage can become permanent, leading to costly repairs or replacement.

Providing a safe, slip-free zone around your building is priority number one, so avoiding the use of these chemicals usually isn’t an option. But there are steps you can take to protect and maintain your commercial carpet while still ensuring safety and keeping a professional and welcoming atmosphere.

Establish a Regular Carpet Cleaning Routine

Regular cleaning of your facility’s carpet will help prevent wear patterns and stains from forming during winter months and beyond. How? Commercial carpets are designed to help hide dirt and stains, so even if it doesn’t look dirty, there can be a buildup of all kinds of nasty things lurking beneath the surface. Top that hidden grime with winter’s heavy load of dirt and salt and the carpet fibers will break down even more quickly. Vacuuming alone isn’t enough. A regular deep clean can remove the hidden grime, help extend the life of your carpet, and minimize costly repairs or replacement.

Strategically Select and Place Protective Mats

Perhaps your entryway is tiled or made of some other hard surface material. It’s still important to place protective floor mats by doorways, because that snow and salt will eventually make its way to carpeted areas if you don’t head it off at the pass. Floor mats will also help prevent slip-and-fall accidents and protect the surface from abrasions and wear.

There are different types of floor mats, and a combination of systems works best:

  • Scraper Mats — These are generally made of a rubber-like material and have deep grooves to capture snow and debris. As the name suggests, they allow visitors to scrape their shoes upon entering the building. One should be placed leading into doorways and be the first mat placed inside a doorway.
  • Extraction Mats — These mats are intended to absorb remaining moisture and dirt that the scraper mat didn’t catch. They often are textured or ribbed to increase the surface area and maximize their effectiveness.

When winter’s at its worst, consistent vacuuming and cleaning of floor mats is as important as regular cleaning of permanent surfaces. Proper cleaning will prevent buildup of soil and moisture, helping them last longer, look nicer, and prevent dirt and chemicals from making it onto carpeted areas.

Simple Solutions to Protecting Your Commercial Carpet

Sometimes we can overlook the obvious when it comes to protecting floors. Consider these simple solutions for your facility.

  • Put up a “Wipe Your Feet” sign—everyone needs a reminder once in awhile, so emphasize the importance of keeping your facility clean.
  • Place a boot tray inside doorways and encourage employees to leave their winter boots at the door. If space allows, place a chair or bench in the area to make it easy for people to change their shoes.
  • Frequently clean and scrape pathways and sidewalks leading into the building to reduce the amount of slush that makes its way in.

Winter is when many businesses need some extra help taking care of their floors, and the experienced crew members at Wizards of Clean know how to get the job done quickly and keep your facility looking its best.

commercial kitchen cleaning

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Commercial Kitchen?

Commercial kitchens—those in restaurants, hotels, large corporate offices, schools, hospitals and similar places—get a tremendous workout every day. Hospitals, for example, might feed hundreds of people three meals a day, and that kind of activity is hard on features like vents, countertops, floors and appliances. The accumulation of dirt and grease happens fast and if not cleaned properly (and regularly) can lead to illness and even fires.

A good commercial cleaning and maintenance provider will have experience with these unique environments and be well versed in the best methods (and products) for cleaning them. Why is it so important? Because proper care ensures proper equipment performance and helps ensure compliance with state and local regulations related to cleanliness and fire prevention.

Here are some of the things that Wizards of Clean does when we’re asked to perform a commercial kitchen cleaning:

Hoods and vents. Proper grease removal and cleaning dramatically reduce the likelihood of fire dangers in hoods and vents, as built-up grease can actually catch fire and cause costly damage.

Floors. There’s just about nothing that gets dirtier in a commercial kitchen than the floor. Food particles get “ground in” to the surface, and significant foot traffic takes that dirt and essentially spreads it around the entire kitchen (and beyond). Add spills and grease to the mix and you’ve got a dangerously dirty surface that needs to be “deep cleaned.” Cleaning also improves the safety, as people are less likely to slip and injure themselves – another potentially costly incident. One of the quickest, most effective ways to clean floors is with a professional-grade pressure washer that will quickly remove the layers of grease, dirt, and grime.

Walls. People often overlook the walls of a kitchen, but they hold a great deal of grease and airborne grime, detracting from the kitchen’s overall cleanliness and smell.

Ceilings. Ceilings are where many of a commercial kitchen’s venting and piping are housed – some exposed and some hidden behind ceiling tiles. Anything exposed should be cleaned to eliminate the dust and grease (which hold bacteria and are a breeding ground for mold); even ceiling tiles should be cleaned to freshen their appearance and remove dust and grease that have collected.

Storage areas. A commercial kitchen has lots of nooks and crannies where equipment, supplies, and food are stored and these, too, attract and hold grease and dirt. “Stripping down” all storage areas and wiping them thoroughly with a disinfectant cleaner is just part of a smart yearly maintenance program.

Freezers, Coolers, and appliances. We don’t just stop at a commercial kitchen’s surfaces; freezers, coolers, and appliances also require a regular cleaning. Food particles often linger, causing an “off” odor that can affect stored food, and accumulated debris can also reduce the performance of this kind of equipment, meaning you’ll be paying more in energy costs.

If you run a commercial kitchen, talk to one of our people about putting together a practical schedule of regular cleaning. We’ll help you keep your kitchen—and employees—safe and your operation running smoothly!

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